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check out our awesome Linux VPS packages Weekly Backups - 1Gbps Connection- KVM Virtualization
space 40 GB SSD
cpu 1 CPUFair Time
ram 2 GB ECC
bandwidth 2 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $5/mo
space 80 GB SSD
cpu 1 CPUMax Time
ram 4 GB ECC
bandwidth 2 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $10/mo
space 120 GB SSD
cpu 3 CPUFair Time
ram 6 GB ECC
bandwidth 3 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $15/mo
space 160 GB SSD
cpu 2 CPUMax Time
ram 8 GB ECC
bandwidth 4 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $20/mo
space 240 GB SSD
cpu 6 CPUFair Time
ram 12 GB ECC
bandwidth 6 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $30/mo
space 320 GB SSD
cpu 4 CPUMax Time
ram 16 GB ECC
bandwidth 8 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $40/mo
space 480 GB SSD
cpu 12 CPUFair Time
ram 24 GB ECC
bandwidth 12 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $60/mo
space 640 GB SSD
cpu 8 CPUMax Time
ram 32 GB ECC
bandwidth 16 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $80/mo
space 960 GB SSD
cpu 24 CPUFair Time
ram 48 GB ECC
bandwidth 24 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $120/mo
space 1280 GB SSD
cpu 16 CPUMax Time
ram 64 GB ECC
bandwidth 32 TBIPv4 + IPv6
price $160/mo
Simple yet Powerful featureshigh performance 100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD platform.
KVM virtualization
Mount your own ISO
Weekly Backups
VNC Access
SSD Local Storage
Multihomed Uplinks
API Access
Enterprise Grade